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Gary Dunham

                          Our "Associate Camera Man"
                     Owner of 1 Light Short 

                        Gary Dunham!!!

                      His credits include

"Air force One," The Karate Kid III, and "Hannibal"

                         to name a few.

                    Need to shoot a Video?

          Contact Gary at 1lightshort@gmail.com







           Pat Travers          

           "A pure songwriter from Ireland." 

Pat's music is in the Pop/Country genres and his ambition is to have his work recorded by artists. He uses only the best session singers for his work. These include Jeff Carson (Curb Records Nashville), and Joe Bateman (Leeds, UK) but to name a few. Some of his songs were published, and has been very successful in song contests. Pat is "For Hire."


                             Now Playing

                      "This Time" 






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 Sista Sensi & The Buds

      Sunday Dec 22, 2019

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